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Valentine’s Day 2014 is National Stay off Social Media Day. I’m declaring it to be so. As Millennials age, the phenomenon of friends falling and staying in love becomes increasingly frequent. Whereas Valentine’s Day might have been a day for girlfriends to hang out celebrating their single status in the past, it is now the day where our newsfeeds are overrun with Instagrams of evidence of how much their partners love them. <Sigh>

I mean…umm…that’s so great. Like!

What’s worse is the fact that our friends are moving away, so going out alone seems inevitable. Knowing that no one will stay off of social media, however, I’ve created an opportunity for us single folks to commiserate. Simply do a search for the group: “Newsfeed for Single People“, or click the link and request to join. The group is closed to prevent our updates from being posted to our friend’s newsfeeds.

Please note that this is all very tongue-in-cheek and meant to entertain us on a day that may, otherwise, leave us dejected and broken. If you do feel that you want to rid yourself of painful memories from the past, however, consider signing up for the Crazy in Love Summit, a 90-minute call meant to help activate your love for yourself.

P.S. I want to be friends with Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes on Ellen

Eva Mendes on Ellen

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