Kung Fu Saloon In Dallas, TX Has a Problem with Racism and Here’s Proof


There is now a Facebook event dedicated to showing solidarity: #NoKungFu

Racism in America

If you’re looking for solid evidence of racism in America today, look no further than Kung Fu Saloon in Dallas, Texas. Accusations of racist practices by would-be patrons of Kung Fu Saloon are not new. When DeAndre Upshaw questioned the General Manager after being stopped at the door by bouncers, he was told they had a fluctuating dress code and entry depended on who you knew.

“He said that, ‘The dress code changes at 1 PM’. I told him that the current time was 6:15 and [asked] if he expected me to believe that all the people in the bar wearing flip flops, shorts, and Converse had been there since 1 PM? He got real quiet.”

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The GM, appalled by the conversation, noted “there were 12 black people” dining inside.





Accusing someone of racism is serious. There must be evidence to substantiate such claims, otherwise it’s hearsay. The video below was recorded outside of Kung Fu Saloon by a different set of people who were denied entry.


Every time a Black person is discriminated against in this country, we take a step back in our progress towards a more civil and equal society where privileges are not afforded based on race. It is not enough to acquiesce and patronize a different location; and, Upshaw is doing his part to speak up for the other people unfairly turned away by Kung Fu Saloon. Dissenters may argue that it’s their right to enforce a dress code; and, they would be correct in that assertion. “They’ve turned away people of all races,” they might say. Upshaw states, however,

We’re not complaining about dress codes, we’re complaining about them applying only to people of color. Their dress code policy is inconsistent and is applied only to people of color. That’s the issue.

That night, at 6:15PM, the only person to be turned away for wearing athletic gear, after his group of friends dressed in shorts and sneakers were already inside, was the Black guy.

What follows is Upshaw’s account of the events:

Here’s what I was wearing when Kung Fu Saloon Dallas racially discriminated against me and dozens of other people of color tonight.

DeAndre Upshaw and friends

The bouncer told me “high top shoes weren’t allowed”. Of the people I was meeting (12 in all), 2 were wearing high tops. One (with the yellow shoes) was wearing the exact same brand and style I was.

We asked a black couple who was turned away after us why they were turned away – they said the bouncer told them “no shorts”. the other three people in this photo, along with DOZENS of others already inside the King Fu Saloon violated their “dress code” – the difference? They are white.

After we were turned away, I called Kung Fu Saloon and left a message. I received a rude call from a manager who was upset that I dared call them racist. Instead of being upset that his bouncers were racially upset he ARGUED WITH ME about me calling him racist. During our 20 minute phone call he said “The dress code changes at 1 PM. What’s allowed before then isn’t afterward.” To which I replied that I was turned away at 6:15 – did he really expect me to believe that the LITERALLY DOZENS of people inside violating their “dress code” had been there for 5 hours?

Vote with your dollars. We took our party of 12 and left. A quick glance at their Yelp reviews shows that this isn’t an isolated incident. Also – this isn’t a classy sit down resturaunt. This is an arcade themed BAR. With life-sized JENGA. Yet the 4 or 5 places we went to after – many nicer that Kung Fu Saloon had no problem with what I was wearing. Go figure.

Racism, Discriminate, Prejudice – Defined

Just in case anyone is confused, let’s define these terms in a manner relevant to this piece.

Racism – The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Discriminate – Make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, sex, or age

Prejudice – Dislike, hostility, or unjust behavior deriving from unfounded opinions

Google Trends in News Headlines

Lately there has been an uptick in news headlines featuring the words “racist” or “racism”.  


Say NO to Racism

Incidents like these can chip away at your belief in humanity. Kung Fu Saloon is not the only establishment with this problem. Many people have responded to DeAndre with their own experiences of racial prejudice in uptown Dallas.


 is the hashtag associated with social media commentary on this incident. At the time of publication, Kung Fu Saloon has 4,433 likes and 362 talking about this (page) on Facebook. This is a post from their Facebook page. I wonder what their answer would be.


This is the image DeAndre has asked that people share to increase awareness.

NoKungFu Poster

Why are we still forced to ask, “Why am I not accepted here?”

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